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Skladovací a transportní roztok pro kmenové buňky

The long-term cooperation with the Institute of Experimental Medicine of CAS resulted in the development of a solution suitable for storage and transport of stem cells as well as other cell types. As a component of our own medicinal products this biocompatible solution permits their storage up to 72 hours without freezing (freezing significantly reduces the stem cells viability). At the same time, the solution provides us with enough time to perform required sterility tests before releasing the product for clinical use and transport it to the application venue.


On the basis of our biocompatible solution we are developing a new method for stem cells cryopreservation. This method will enable storing of frozen cells and, when the need arise, their immediate application to the patient without the need of recultivation and rinsing.

Medicinal products based on autologous mesenchymal stem cells

Our company also develops advanced medicinal products for autologous administration in specific clinical conditions. We specializes on orthopedic, ophthalmologic, neurologic and autoimmune diagnosis as well as on wound healing problematics (i.e. burns). In particular research projects we combine stem cell component with biocompatible materials like gels or solid 3D carriers. Depending on various target tissues we develop specific procedures for stem cells cultivation. Our medicinal products are being assessed in preclinical trials; at the same time we prepare several clinical ones.

Medicinal products based on allogeneic stem cells

Allogeneic stem cells (obtained from donors) are essential in cases (typically urgent) when there is no time to manufacture the medicinal product from patient’s own stem cells or their state does not allow the collection of the primary material – their stem cells. Furthermore, in certain specific conditions, the allogeneic cells might present more suitable and more effective therapy than the autologous cells, depending on the source of cells. Those are the reasons why part of our research concentrates on medicinal products from allogeneic sources. We investigate cells originating in extrafetal tissue and promising subpopulations of adult cells.

Acellular biological materials

Our research also focuses on acellular materials based on endogenous (of human origin) substances. These products augment the effects of both stem cells and other organic biocompatible materials.

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