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Czech Biotechnology Company

Bioinova is a Czech biotechnological company located in Prague focusing on research and development of innovative advanced cell therapy. We specialize in products derived from stem cells and other cells obtained from bone marrow and adipose tissue. The safety and efficacy are evaluated in pre-clinical and clinical trials. To reach optimal regenerative properties we combine our products with commercially available biomaterials as well as with biomaterials of our own manufacture.  Simultaneously, we produce commercial cell products in fields not requiring clinical trials.

To ensure the top quality of manufactured products, Bioinova is equipped with state of the art manufacturing facility for aseptic products (cleanrooms of classes A and B) that is operated by highly qualified experts with experience from world leading research institutes.


Bioinova was founded in 2008 as a spin-off company of Institute of Experimental Medicine of CAS. Its goal was to increase the application potential and transfer of inovations discovered in the Institute by linking it more directly to the commercial sphere.

In 2010, the State Institute for Drug Control (SIDC) approved of Bioinova as a certified manufacturer of medicinal products based on mesenchymal stem cells for clinical trials of 1st, 2nd and 3rd phase. The productions takes place in cleanrooms of classes A and B under Good Manufacturing Practice conditions.

As a result of active search for high-tech oriented investors in the field of biomedicine, a private partner became a co-owner of Bioinova in 2011. In upcoming years, closer cooperation with biotechnology companies and experts on translation medicine both in the Czech Republic and abroad followed. Since 2016, the company became completely privately owned.


Our priority is to bring to the patients innovative, effective and available therapy methods in various field of regenerative medicine. To achieve that we combine progressive ideas, high-tech equipment, strong partners and diligent work.

We aim to follow the latest scientific progress and in long term become the trendsetter in fields of tissue regeneration and biotechnological engineering.


certifikat výrobceIssued by State Institute of Drug Control in 2018
Povolení k výroběIssued by State Institute for Drug Control in 2010