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Natural skin rejuvenation - SVF+ NaturLift

What are the stem cells?

Stem cells are a unique type of cells producing growth factors and anti-inflammatory molecules. Normally, stem cells lines in human body are suppressed, but when the need arises, they proliferate, evolve into other cell types and repair the damaged tissues of the body. In aesthetic surgery this regenerative potential is used for skin rejuvenation and restarting its own self-healing function that decreases with age.

Stem cells use in aesthetic surgery
  • Slight corrections of soft tissues and filling of minor creases of the visage
  • Complex rejuvenation and regeneration of the skin of the face, neck, cleavage and hands
  • Repairing the scars after acne or varicella
  • In combination with autologous (obtained from your own body) adipose tissue could be used for correction of deeper creases, delicate visage remodelation and lip augmentation
Course of the intervention

Before the surgery a consultation with an aesthetic surgeon or dermatologist is needed to assess the suitability of the intervention and to collect the blood sample for laboratory examination.

At the scheduled day the client undergoes a small liposuction (“miniliposuction”), during which a small amount of fat is extracted (usually from the abdomen or hip area). The miniliposuction is a small surgery being performed in local anaesthesia.

The extracted tissue is transported to and processes in specific laboratory of Bioinova company (tissue establishment certified and regularly audited by the National Institute for Drug Control). Afterwards, the final cell product is transported back to the medical facility where it is administered via thin needle into particular area (standardized mesotherapeutic procedure). After the administration the client leaves the clinic with no further limitations.

When the cell-concentrate and adipose fillings are to be administered at the same time, the procedure begins with application of local fillings. Area-wide administration (including the spots with fillings) of cell-concentrate SVF+ NaturLift follows that ensures faster fixation of the fillings, thus maximizing the healing effects and minimalizing possible resorption. The result is the natural rejuvenation of the tissue with long-term action and no risk of undesired side effects!

In the weeks after the application, the tissue in the area ameliorates even further thanks to the natural regeneration processes of the skin. Compared to standard filling or rejuvenating methods the cell-concentrate significantly improve the quality and structure of the skin.

Methodology of manufacture

Bioinova’s SVF+ NaturLift manufacturing process markedly varies from standard enzymatic adipose tissue elaboration that might increase the risk of undesired (i.e. allergic) reactions. Our mechanic method preserves the structural integrity of the tissue, thus allowing the final product to contain hormones, anti-inflammatory molecules, elastin fibres, collagen and high levels of stem cells. This composition leads to faster and longer clinical effect and nearly no risk of side effects. The cellconcentrate is free of any artificial additives and as it is formed of client’s own cells, it naturally restarts regenerative processes. Unlike routinely used filling materials, SVF+ NaturLift brings about long-term effect enhancing the quality and structure of the skin.

Benefits of rejuvenation with SVF+ NaturLift
  • Natural rejuvenation
  • Immediate visible effect
  • Gradually increasing effect (up to 3 months)
  • Long-term effect
  • Supports skin’s own regenerating potential
  • Considerate method with largely reduced risk of undesired reactions
  • Visually improves quality and structure of the skin
  • Two procedures in one – slimming and rejuvenating
Facilities realizing the rejuvenation

Prague Aesthetic Clinic

Polyclinic I.P. Pavlova


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